It didn’t take long for Republicans to plan on going after witnesses against Brett Kavanaugh neverett haven’t already won his nominating contest Jeff Flake of course one of the deciding votes who for the life of him just couldn’t decide who to believe but ended up voting in favor of Kavanagh any way of confirming Cavanaugh anyway now the newest news.
Is Senate chairman Senate Judiciary Chairman.

Chuck Grassley is now going after one of the accusers Julia sweat Nate now earlier today it’s being reported that Grassley asked Attorney General Jeff sessions in the FBI to.

Investigate potential conspiracy false statements and obstruction of Congress now Grassley said it was a request for an investigation and not a criminal allegation oh no no we’re just investigating but we.

Think that there was a conspiracy against Brett Kavanaugh that’s what that means false statements obviously well we believe Julie sweat Nick.
And and Michael avenatti who’s a.

Lawyer that represents her we think that they made false statements that they lied under oath right and tried to obstruct Congress ridiculous absolutely.

The thing Julie sweatin and she was the one that claimed that she saw a Cavanaugh and Cavanaugh’s friend mark judge at parties that she was allegedly raped at.

These parties but had basically said that Cavanaugh was present not that Cavanaugh had allegedly raped her but that he was just there what does present mean that was one of the questions that I had and I had hoped that the FBI investigation would clear that up now that FBI investigation ended up being severely artificially limited so that they didn’t even.

Talk to sweat Nate they didn’t talk to have a naughty they didn’t talk to anybody there could have corroborated those stories so we never get to find out what kind of what she actually meant by what he was present he was present okay so hey you know what maybe this time maybe we are gonna find out if they actually do the investigation and if that investigation.

Isn’t so artificially unlimited like it was the last time I don’t have much faith in the system at this point because right now look at who controls it and look at the whole reason behind this investigation this is a way to punish Julie sweat Nick not to get to the truth of the matter to punish her and to go after and stifle.

Avenatti now look I’ve an idea I believe avenatti is a bit of a snake and he’s basically they’re trying to get attention in order run for president right so a.

Vanadis doing it for avenatti nonetheless in a weird way like he is kind of matching Donald Trump and so he’s gained a lot of wouldn’t say.

Credibility but there’s some traction with the establishment right though I have a not easy stuff Louie’s.
Going up against Donald Trump ooh maybe he should run for.

President no for God’s sakes no what does happen I do you think about policy what does he think about economic policy what does I think on this whole you know avenatti 2020 bullshit is absolutely 100% ridiculous but that’s the kind of buzz that he’s hoping to.

Generate and that of course Republicans are a bit scared of that because they.


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