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On 2 news today WikiLeaks this is according to do we Khalif says Senate panel requests Assange testimony for a.

Russian probe first of all Assange has been persecuted pressed down shaken together and running over by the.

Government and they’re not a friend of Julian Assange and if anybody want to request that if I was it’s orange I wouldn’t give you a jack Shh.

What I would do is I would testify via satellite like I’ve been testifying via satellite from the Embassy in Ecuador why do you need me to come to wherever you need me to come to testify I.

Can testify via satellite you don’t need me but let me get into this custom on to this arm story to say weaken leaks is claiming that the Senate Intelligence Committee has asked its founder Julian Assange to testify as part.

Of the panel’s investigation into Russia interference in the 2016 presidential election once again Russia did not interfere in the 26.

President election they did what they call propaganda campaign to maneuver the thought process of people on who they prefer.

To be in office they did it when Obama was in office we do it to them we do it better than anybody it’s called propaganda it’s not called influence and if you ain’t got a pea brain.

I mean the government think that we can’t think for ourselves you’re so dumb that you don’t have your own self thinking you’re so dumb that we can influence your thinking process and a lot of time they are true why because this whole thing about Russia was thought about over a shit Shack on Flatbush I mean Shake Shack on Fulton Street near Clinton his headquarter I know the place very well in Brooklyn and now the media along.

Have gotten you guys all up in arms thinking the reason that she lost is because Russia has something to do with that and if Russia then had nothing to do with that she would have won no no no she was our.

Let me get into this the organization posted a letter on his Twitter account dated August 1st that poor ports to come that purports to come from committee leaders senators Richard Burr of North.

Carolina and Mark Warner of Virginia to people who do not like Assad and who do want Assange locked up don’t trust them bro requesting that he makes himself available for a closed-door interview a bipartisan committee staff at a mutually agreeable time and location all right how about you can usually agree to meet me in somewhere where it’s.

Feasible for me I’m not meeting you and you don’t need to meet me face to face there’s many ways we could talk we could do FaceTime messenger snapchat whatever but I’m not meeting you face to face so you can lock me up hey anyway we’re supposed to one before Warner declined to comment on witnesses a spokeswoman for BER also.

Declined to comment Assange legal team is considering the offer but testimony must conform to high ethical standards.

Wickedly wrote wrote on twitter twitter Assange testimony would be of interest to those investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election WikiLeaks release trolls of hack emails from the Democratic National Committee DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta ahead of time of the 2016 election the US intelligence community has ties the email release to the broader plot by the Russian government to interfere in the election now US intelligence committee is always looking for a fight when they don’t need to be looking for a fight and that’s what this is.

Instead of you numbnuts looking at Assange and Russia hey you got a right to do that but why don’t you look at the contents of the email and the stuff that was hacked and do something about that but now you too much of the party ain’t gonna do nothing like.

That cuz Sheila parks yes said the unclassified us intelligent assessment released on January 2017 concluded with high confidence that Russian intelligence officers relayed material in its acquired from DNC and senior Democratic officials to WikiLeaks James Comey the FBI director testified last year.

That WikiLeaks did not communicate directly with the Russians but use some kind of cut out all right the person who really leaked that information so-called leak most of the information was.

Supposed to be Gucci for one two three it could have been somebody here and they use a VPN in Russia from what I know from what I heard that the way the data was laid out it had to.

Be taking place somewhere locally in Washington DC so it was more of a leak than a hack but these hacks that’s pushing this crap don’t want to listen to that they don’t understand that this thing seemed like it came from locally they don’t want to talk.

About what’s in the contents of the email a whole bunch of criminal crap you don’t want to talk about that all you don’t want to do is poke fun at Russia put sectional Russians.

Just seem like they’re tough guys and not really dealing with what was see it why was this information leaked the city tells Germany has been investigating Russian interference for more than a year interviewing witnesses behind closed doors or in public meanwhile.

Special counsel robert muller the line hack who lied us into war with iraq its spearheading the federal program to russia interference just like.

He’s spearhead a lot of stuff and he lied about he’s a liar liar liar liar pants on fire which include looking at the whether there was a collusion between president Trump’s campaign and moscow last month mule indicted twelve russians working for the GRU whoop-dee-doo he indicted it he indicted twelve Russians working for the GRU they say they were working for the GRU how do you know what they saying is true they have given you so much confidence.

That you believe every word that they say the same people who railroaded dr.

Martin Luther King the same person who railroaded Malcolm X even Kennedy the same people and you want to believe them now the intelligence community in connection.
To cyber attacks against the Democratic officials and.

System used to marinus their elections in the United States what system did they use that they manipulated to administer elections in the United States you have none because there’s already been said that this had nothing to do with the election outcome so.

What tools what system of the Democratic officials of Democratic Party that direction got a chance to manipulate people cuz that’s all you got is something about the people weekly said the letter from the.

Committee requested testimony was delivered via the United States Embassy in London Assange had been whole held up in Ecuador London embassy.

Since 2012 evading extradition but there has been recent speculation that Assange could soon be evicted number one the charges.

That he was armed under held up in the embassy for was.

Dropped there’s no reason for him to be there but he continued to try to stay there because he know that the governments of the world do not like whistleblowers do not like truth tellers report surfaced in April 2017 that the US officials were weighing charges against Assange under the Espionage Act how he’s a reporter.

It’s a story he did not steal it so how.

You gonna call how you’re gonna try to file charges against the Espionage Act when Hillary Clinton on purpose allowed top-secret information to be leaked on purpose.

Put a server in the room did all this stuff but you look at her and her crimes on most of the people in Washington DC but somebody that’s a truth teller you want to poke fun and pick on them you’re.

A bully and a coward but no Louis that’s just what our government does sometimes.

Now don’t get me wrong I won’t trust in confidence and my leaders I won’t trust and confidence in my government and there’s some good people in government some good leaders but that’s very rare very few all I’m has sold.

Out to the oligarchy majorem has sold out to the military complex the majority of them has sold out to the corporate complex Wall Street majority has sold out to the pharmaceutical industry and that can go on and on and on weeklies first attracts attention nearly a decade ago when it published classified files stolen from US Army soldier Chelsea Manning WikiLeaks tweeted Wednesday also shared an opinion article organ that Britain should reject an effort by the United States to extradite him in other words here’s a.

Man up other countries you know what I’m doing is the right thing to do and it’s good for freedom justice equality and.

All that in the moment you come at me telling me it’s not it’s the moment you cause.

Your own democracy to die now.

Support Julian songs because.


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